Weekend link dump: from horses to thieves

— In the Pilot of Southern Pines, Stephen Smith finds a silver lining in the theft of the historical marker identifying the Weymouth Center as the former home of novelist James Boyd.

— Volunteers in Eden retrieve a  sunken 40-foot bateau replica from the Dan River.

— Ben Steelman answers a reader’s question about the checkered tenancy of downtown Wilmington’s old Masonic Temple, aka St. John’s hall. 

— Is North Carolina’s official state horse really unAmerican?

One thought on “Weekend link dump: from horses to thieves”

  1. That’s a pretty bold move by any thief for sure. It holds true to the ying and yang or good/bad luck. Sure a historical marker has been stolen and probably sitting in the local bar resting above the urinal. But the new one will display all the fine authors NC has brought to our country.

    Its a cool little piece of info, thanks for the article.

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