Unexpected combinations – recipes from the collection.

A few recipes with some interesting pairings.

“Velveeta Fudge” from Welkom: Terra Ceia Cookbook III, a Collection of Recipes.

“Apple Shrimp Bake”

“Banana Cheese Sandwiches” from Love Yourself Cookbook: Easy Recipes for One or Two.

“Cabbage Custard” from Good Eatin’ from Duke Memorial United Methodist Church, Durham, North Carolina.

“Sausage Cake” from Hyde County Cook Book.

“Shelly’s Peanut-Tuna Shells”

“Creamed Peanuts and Onions” from Peanuts on Parade: Prize-Winning Recipes.

“Pork and Bean Cake” from Dixie Classic Fair for Northwest North Carolina: Favorite Recipes from Friends of the Fair.

2 thoughts on “Unexpected combinations – recipes from the collection.”

  1. This is hilarious! I actually AM a novelist and was just thinking the same as the other commenter. Velveeta Fudge – that works!
    She could be a character who owns a bakery. Yep, writing that down immediately!

    Ah, the sources artists draw from 😀

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