North Carolina news photography exhibit closing soon

Hurricane Hazel photograph
1954 photograph of Hurricane Hazel by Hugh Morton

If you haven’t yet had a chance to visit the North Carolina Collection Gallery’s news photography exhibit, consider this your last call. The exhibit, “Photographic Angles: News Photography in the North Carolina Collection,” will close on Feb. 3, 2013.

The description of the exhibit, from the Gallery’s website:

Events and images: two words destined for each other. Humans have visually documented events for thousands of years. The invention of photography, publicly announced in 1839, was an important milestone in our quest to capture moments in time pictorially. Technological achievements of the late nineteenth century made it possible to reproduce continuous tone images on paper and distribute them to large audiences in newspapers, magazines, and books.

News, at its most basic level, is the reporting of information about events. News photography, then, is the reporting of visual information. News photographs may stand on their own, conveying the immediacy of breaking “spot news,” or they may illustrate news, feature, or editorial articles. To tell those stories visually, photographers use angles — low camera angles, wide-angle lenses, and personal perspectives — to create compelling news photographs.

This exhibit brings together a selection of news photographs from the North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives. Not every image shown here made it “to print,” but the photographers made them hoping that they would.

For details on visiting the Gallery, including hours, parking, and directions, see the Gallery’s visitor information page.

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