First woman to puff her way across the Atlantic

On this day in 1928: Exemplifying the cigarette industry’s effort to win over women, a full-page ad in Progressive Farmer magazine offers this testimonial from Amelia Earhart:

“Lucky Strikes were the cigarettes carried on the Friendship when she crossed the Atlantic. They were smoked continuously from Trepassey
[Newfoundland] to Wales. I think nothing else helped so much to lessen the strain for all of us.”

Four months earlier Earhart had become celebrated as the first woman to fly across the Atlantic, as a passenger in a Fokker tri-motor piloted by two men.

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  1. The Wisconsin Historical Society has an online image available of this advertisement at . This advertisement is from the collection of Foote, Cone and Belding, one of many advertising collections available for research at the Wisconsin Historical Society Archives ( ).

  2. This caught my eye on the Wisconsin site:

    (If that link doesnt work, search for “Taft.”)

    Betty H. Bridgers is represented by at least one postcard in the NCC —

    Anybody know her story?

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