Legacy finding aids update

The latest group of updated and encoded legacy finding aids has just been posted online, and includes over 50 finding aids. Some of the notable collections in this group are:

Jeremiah Austill Papers, #2214-z

Jeremiah Austill (born 1794), a commission merchant, was involved in campaigns against Native Americans in Georgia and Alabama. The collection includes two typescripts: “Partial autobiography of Jeremiah Austill,” concerning his Indian campaigns in Georgia and Alabama, Andrew Jackson, and experiences as a commission merchant; and “Early Life of Margaret Ervin Austill,” including an account of the marriage of her parents, John Eades and Jenny Fee Eades, their emigration from Georgia to points south, and their experiences on the frontier and with the Cherokee Indians.

Elmer Roberts Papers, #2243

Elmer Roberts (1863-1937) was an Associated Press correspondent in Berlin, Germany, circa 1900-1914, and chief of the Associated Press office in Paris, France, 1914-1927. The collection includes correspondence, memoranda, scrapbooks, political commentaries, and other papers, relating to Roberts’s work for the Associated Press in Berlin and Paris, and including extensive material on European political affairs before, during, and after World War I. Also included are correspondence with reporters in Cuba in the 1890s and a scrapbook of clippings about the Spanish-American War; a scrapbook about Germany, 1903-1904; correspondence, drafts, and source materials for Roberts’s biography of Friedrich von Holstein; copies of lectures of Rudolf Steiner and other materials about Rosicrucianism; and other items.

Joseph Nicholson Barney Log and Diary, #2246-z

Joseph Nicholson Barney (fl. 1839-1852) was a United States (and later Confederate) naval officer and native of Maryland. The collection includes a personal diary kept by Barney, containing ship’s log entries while he was in Singapore and the East Indies, 1839, on the United States frigate Columbia, and diary and log entries while he was sailing up and down the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North and South America, 1849-1852, on the U.S.S. Vincennes, with frequent and sometime lengthy stays in port. Diary entries describe in detail his impressions in 1850 of Rio de Janeiro, Guayaquil, Ecuador, various California ports, and other locations, and note social and other daily events and Barney’s reflections on self and surroundings.

Chapin and Tunnell Family Papers, #2275-z

Sophia Chapin Tunnell (fl. 1852-1896) was a native of New England who moved to teach school in South Carolina and Kansas. The collection is chiefly papers of Sophia Chapin (later Mrs. Robert M. Tunnell), including letters from her to her father, Moses Chapin, in Massachusetts and Vermont, describing life in Abbeville District, S.C., in the 1850s; her occasional diary, 1870-1896, while she was living in Kansas; letters from relatives in Brandenburg, Ky., 1859-1860; autograph albums; and other items.

Marshall and Wildes Shipping Records, #2356-z

Marshall and Wildes was a merchant firm of Boston, Mass. The principals in the firm were Josiah Marshall (1771-1848) and Dixey Wildes (fl. 1822-1826). The collection includes records of Marshall and Wildes in trade with China and the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii), including accounts with stewards, lists of cargo (including sandalwood), sales and purchases in Canton, China, and Sandwich Island (Hawaiian) ports, names of vessels, etc.

Susan Dabney Smedes Papers, #2392-z

Susan Dabney Smedes (1840-1913) was a Mississippi planter’s daughter, author, and teacher and missionary in the West. The collection includes copies of papers of or about Smedes and microfilm of a manuscript recipe and household hint book, 1860. Included are Smedes’s diary and memoranda, 1888-1889, at Helena, Mont., about life in the household of her sister and brother-in-law, with whom she lived; letters she wrote from England, 1908; and an account of her life written in 1930.

King Family Papers, #399

Members of the King family of New Orleans, La., included Nina King, Annie Ragan King, and author Grace Elizabeth King (1852-1932). The collection contains miscellaneous papers of the King family including letters from Nina King, 1906-1908, while traveling in Europe, to Mrs. Charles Gayarre; a typescript of a story by Annie Ragan King; and a scrapbook of Grace Elizabeth King, containing clippings on New Orleans, the Civil War, and other historical topics, 1836-1930.

A complete list of all updated and encoding finding aids can be found here.

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